We provide exercise programs tailored to your needs to keep you moving well.

Exercise Programming

A personalised exercise program is one designed specifically for you.  It takes into consideration your:

  • current health status
  • interests
  • health goals.

Using this information, a program is developed to help you:

  • build condition,
  • improve fitness and
  • maintain your fitness levels for the long term.

Before programming commences, an initial assessment is undertaken.   

This allows us to review your health history, assess your current fitness level and undertake a biomechanical screening to look at:

  • muscle strength,
  • joint range of motion,
  • balance and flexibility.

This will give us our baseline from which to develop a targeted conditioning program that is right for you and periodically check your progress against.

Once developed, you will be taken through your exercise program and this will be reviewed with you fortnightly for the first 6 weeks.

This is known as the build phase of the program.

The second phase of the program is improve fitness. 

The goal of this phase is to gradually improve aerobic fitness so that you achieve your desired goals without injury.  This may include increasing exercise intensity, type, frequency, and/or duration.  It all depends where you are at and where you would like to be.

Your exercise progress and program is reviewed monthly over a 3 monthly period, so that we can adjust the program accordingly to make sure it keeps you moving well.

The last phase of the program is the maintenance phase. 

The goal of this phase is to maintain cardiovascular fitness and health for the long term and often involves diversifying your training to other activities to maximise your enjoyment and general health and minimise overuse injuries from repetitive activities.

At Strive, Cathy is well placed to help you develop and implement a personalised exercise program.  Not only does she have a good understanding of and experience with treating and managing a wide range of health conditions but is also well trained in developing exercise programs that keep you moving well and injury free.

Cathy is accredited not only as a physiotherapist but also as personal trainer and is a current member of Fitness Australia.



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