We provide personalised pilates programs to help you move more effortlessly.

Pilates is a great way to improve:

  • posture
  • core strength
  • flexibility.

The pilates method strengthens the deep abdominal and postural muscles protecting your spine and improving postural alignment. This allows you to move in a more balanced, pain free way.

Pilates exercise can benefit many conditions such as:

  • acute and chronic back pain
  • neck pain
  • osteoarthritis
  • osteoporosis
  • post-operative rehab for shoulder, hips, knees and backs.

It is also a safe and beneficial exercise for pre or post pregnancy.

At Strive Physiotherapy & Pilates, we use the studio based pilates method which uses specific equipment with spring resistance and pulleys, that allow the body’s correct posture and movement patterns to be retrained. Each program is customised to the individual, with emphasis on strengthening the injured or weak area(s).

Before starting a pilates program we will:

  • discuss your goals
  • obtain a history of your previous and current injuries
  • assess your posture, joint mobility, flexibility, muscle control and core strength
  • develop a program specific to you

We will also regularly review your progress so that your keep moving towards your goals.

Our physiotherapists are well trained in the pilates method and understand the underlying bio-mechanics that lead to poor posture and unwanted pain patterns. This means you will see improvements as you progress through your program.


And if you have extra’s cover with a private health provider, health care rebates are also available.


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