We provide you with personalised exercise programs to help you move effortlessly.

At Strive Physiotherapy & Exercise Clinic, Milton we run small group exercise classes to keep you moving well.

Using a variety of fitness equipment, such as reformers, treadmill, cardio equipment, weights and balance boards, Physio Group Exercise classes are a great way to improve:

  • muscle strength
  • cardiovascular fitness
  • joint range of motion
  • muscle length (flexibility)
  • balance

Physio Group Exercise classes, as they are targeted to your needs, can benefit many conditions such as:

  • acute and chronic back pain
  • neck pain
  • osteoarthritis
  • osteoporosis
  • post-operative rehab for shoulder, hips, knees and backs.

It is also a safe and beneficial exercise for pre or post pregnancy.

Before starting a Physio Group Exercise class we will:

  • discuss your goals
  • obtain a history of your previous and current injuries
  • assess your posture, joint mobility, flexibility, muscle control, strength and balance
  • develop a program specific to you

From this information,  your personalised exercise program is developed, which you will be guided on in class.

We will also regularly review your progress so that your keep moving towards your goals and physical needs.

Our physiotherapists are highly trained Exercise Management and are highly skilled in correcting, through Exercise, the underlying bio-mechanics that lead to poor postural alignment and unwanted pain patterns. This means you will see improvements as you progress through your program.

And if you have extra’s cover with a private health provider, health care rebates are also available for all Physio Group Exercise Classes.


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