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TeleHealth Physiotherapy Consultations – FAQs

What is TeleHealth Physiotherapy?

Telehealth physiotherapy is a video-based one-on-one consultation service provided by Strive Physiotherapy to patients who cannot attend the clinic.




Who is suitable for TeleHealth Physiotherapy?

This type of physiotherapy service is suitable for patients who:

  • are in remote locations, not near the clinic
  • have mobility issues
  • don’t require hands on physiotherapy treatment
  • are undergoing self-isolation as a result of COVID 19.


What does a TeleHealth Physiotherapy consultation involve?

A TeleHealth physiotherapy consultation is ‘virtually’ the same as a clinic consultation.¬† Via video we will:

  • Assess muscle/joint/tissue restrictions; walking gait, functional movements; pain levels; swelling and bruising
  • Diagnose your injury/health condition based on the assessment and your case history
  • Treat your injury/health condition using a range of tools such as self-mobilisation/tissue release; home-based exercise; pain management/ swelling advice; showing you taping strategies to offload painful joints/tissue; education; and ordering and supplying essential & appropriate physiotherapy products for and to you to manage your injury/condition
  • Provide ongoing follow-up management and care of your injury/condition to keep you moving well.


Do I have to be an existing patient to book a TeleHealth Physiotherapy consultation?

No. We offer telehealth physiotherapy consultations to both new and existing patients.


How do I book a TeleHealth Physiotherapy consultation?

You can book by phoning reception on (02) 4454 4588 or book online and select ‘TeleHealth’ consultation.


Do I need special equipment for a TeleHealth consultation?

You will need:

  • Computer/iphone/ipad
  • Access to the internet
  • Email or mobile phone number so we can send you the link to download the software and your unique access code.


What is the charge for a TeleHealth consultation?

Initial TeleHealth physiotherapy consultations are $100 for 45 minutes. Follow-up TeleHealth consultations are $90 for 30 minutes.


Can I claim TeleHealth Physiotherapy through Medicare or Private Health Insurance?

Yes, you can claim telehealth physiotherapy consults both through PHI and Medicare. Please check with your PHI first for the amount they will rebate.


TeleHealth Physiotherapy is a viable, well established and evidence-based way to keep you moving well!

For further information and/or to book an appointment call us on 4454 4588 or book online.



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